What if you woke up to find that your life has completed changed?

That’s what happened to host Jenina after suffering a series of medical traumas, which ultimately led to an unexpected stroke that forced her to halt the life she’d been leading.

As she emerged from the fog of that situation, one thing become crystal clear: surviving a major trauma not only takes a toll on you, but also shifts your mindset, while also reaffirming other life lessons.

And that’s why Stroke of Wisdom was created.

The goal of the podcast is to help turn trauma, tricky life experiences and challenging questions into the foundation for inspiring thoughts and teachable moments.

She doesn’t claim to be an expert, just a sincere believer that you can learn from every life moment if you choose.

About the host…

Jenina has always self-identified as a Type A personality, accomplished, academically and professionally and even super active with a couple half-marathons under her belt, to boot.

With this type of profile, she never expected life to change so quickly, but it did. Suddenly, she was facing her worst fears and worries that she’d lost the life she’d worked so hard for herself.

That’s when she realized she needed to make sense of her journey and document those lessons. So, she chose to develop a podcast that would translate hard experiences into meaningful insights… And that’s she stumbled onto her Stroke of Wisdom.