Life’s filled with a ton of curveballs and hurdles. But, do you make sense of them?

For self-proclaimed overachiever Jenina, there was no hurdle she wouldn’t tackle. However, all of that went out of the window when she woke up from a stroke one morning. Since rebounding from that scary moment, Jenina’s make it her mission to redefine and rewrite her understanding of the world around her – and perhaps get a bit wiser and inspired in the process. Enter the podcast.

In the show (originally launched as “Stroke of Wisdom”), Jenina explores the things we all care about – self-care, relationships and even coping with the tough stuff.

With so much important subject matter to consider, Jenina likes to think this traumatic experience gave way to her personal ‘stroke of wisdom’: you’ve got a reason to learn and grow from every experience. If you’re open to it.

Jenina doesn’t claim to be an expert, just teaching herself to look at the things as though the glass is always half full.