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About the Vision

Life’s filled with a ton of curveballs and hurdles. But, do you make sense of them?

For a self-proclaimed overachiever over like Jenina, there was no hurdle she couldn’t tackle, or so she thought. However, all of that went out of the window when she woke up from what she thought was throbbing headache – but discovered it had been a stroke. Since rebounding from that life-altering moment, Jenina was in constant search for regular empowering content in a to help her break down the things that were increasingly becoming critical in her late 20s and 30s: navigating the complexity of her career, mature relationships, processing her mental health, and even a search of doses of motivation. What she was looking for more was more than advice from her friends, but content that would help offer her clarity and insight.

In response, Jenina set out to create her own content to help others. Beginning with her podcast, then launching a blog followed by a YouTube channel (all titled This Life, Reconsidered), Jenina crafts content that focuses on being self-aware, breaking down the personal choices that come to your professional journey, providing motivation and even identifying teachable moments from every life event in the hopes it motivates others.

Inspired by the goal of helping and empowering others, Jenina now seeks to expand her content vision to become a more regular stream of content for others in one central location – a content hub of motivation, empowerment and insight curated by real and wise other individuals.

Jenina doesn’t claim to be a self-help expert, just very committed to finding the words and insights that will help other women others find their “glass half-full” outlooks.

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